At the Copic…Copic Cabana….

Is anyone a Barry Manilow Copa Cabana fan? That song may be too old for some but I sing it in my head whenever I see Copic Markers. This means I sing this song every time I’m in the store because we are stocked with Blending Trio and Color Fusion sets!

Each set features three markers, carefully chosen to help you take your artwork to the next level with flawless blends.

The Blending Trio sets are great for starting or extending your Copic marker collection. Each color combination has been specially selected to deliver perfect blends, every time. (Clicking on a picture will take you to a larger image.)

Copic Blending Trio

 The Color Fusion sets are an affordable way to achieve perfect blends. This set contains three preselected colors in an ideal blending group. Grab all the sets in each color family to kickstart your Copic collection.

 Copic Fusion 

Do you know what this means? It means there is no more guesswork when choosing colors.

 Some great reasons to use Copics:

  • All of the markers can be refilled with ink and come with replaceable nibs or tips.
  • The labeling on the side of the markers is embossed so it will not rub off.
  • The ink in the Copics is an alcohol based dye ink. This formula allows you to blend the colors together without tearing up your paper like a water-based ink.
  • The ink has a guaranteed color consistency so you know your colors will always match and color smoothly.
  • As the alcohol evaporates the ink becomes acid free so it works great on paper-crafting projects.

These markers really bring your stamped images to life.

Click on the link below to see some beautiful artwork created with Copic Markers and pinned to Pinterest.

Cards made with Copic Markers 

Happy Crafting!